Richard L. Feigen: A Collector in Dealer’s Clothes

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A rendezvous with Richard Feigen often felt like a plunge into the heart of the art world itself. Tastefully positioned Old Masters presided dramatically from the walls of his office; walls living and breathing with over seven decades of artistic reverence and innovation. Punctuating a lively discussion surrounding the work of the late Richard Parkes Bonington, the phone would ring, and brief words are exchanged with the Director of a prominent museum in New York or Chicago or Los Angeles. Considered by many as the most important dealer in the United States after World War II, Richard’s lifelong mission to champion underappreciated and undervalued art led him to focus on Old Masters, especially early Italian works and 18th-19th century British landscapes. His collection included no fewer than eight works by the tragically short-lived Richard Parkes Bonington, and among our highlights are oil paintings of Venice and Lerici in near-perfect condition. On 18 October 2021, Sotheby’s is honored to present Richard L. Feigen: A Collector in Dealer’s Clothes, a collection of 55 of the most important works from the legendary Old Masters dealer.

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