Melissa Joan Hart Answers All Our Burning Sabrina the Teenage Witch Questions 25 Years Later

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Across seven seasons, Sabrina had the same crew throughout production. “We became a really close-knit group,” Melissa said. Plus, working with her mom Paula made it a true family on set. “With the two of us at the helm, we sort of set the tone for a family-friendly, fun atmosphere,” Melissa noted. “People that like to get the work done but who like to have fun.” 

A majority of the crew had come from Murder, She Wrote and brought a comfortable familiarity to the Sabrina set. “They knew this was going to take them to retirement, so it was just a happy atmosphere all around,” Melissa continued. “We really just set a tone, like, ‘Life’s too short. We’re not going to let people come in here who will ruin our day. We’re just going to keep the egos light and get the work done.'” 

Together, the cast and crew traveled the world, from Rome to Australia to Florida. “We even got to go to Vegas for a wrap party,” Melissa said. “We traveled all the time together on weekends for hiatuses. We’d go snowboard together or go away on girl trips. Those are still some of my best friends. It was basically my college years, stretched out over seven years. We were really tight. It was definitely, definitely like a family.” 

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