3 Weeks in Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, and Riviera Maya

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It’s important to mention legendary chef Elena Reygadas. In Roma Norte, there’s her beautiful restaurant Rosetta, inside a townhouse that gives off Italian villa vibes. Make a reservation in advance if you want to come for dinner, and order at least one pasta. Panadería Rosetta is one of her bakeries—go for the rol de guayaba (guava roll). And she has Lardo in Condesa, which might be the prettiest place to have breakfast.

For party vibes: Paramo in Roma Norte, which is above the daytime taco restaurant El Parnita. Paramo is set up like a house, with a few small rooms leading into a covered patio with brick walls, hanging plants, exposed wood beams, tiny candles, and colorful strings of lights over the tables. You might think it’s all about the drinks, but do not sleep on the food. We had the best ceviche here (okay, Cat, you convinced me about ceviche), and the tacos were right up there.

Back to the natural wine, though. Loup Bar in Roma Norte is a small bistro in the bottom of a building (the cocktail lounge Maison Artemisia is above it) with low-key date-night energy. They’ve got some funky bottles in the house, and we happened to be helped by one of the head chefs (Joaquin Cardoso), whose recommendations were all too right.

We thought we would cook a bit in our Airbnb kitchen. Haha. But we did order takeout sushi from Kura once.

Mercado Roma in Roma Sur has a maze of food stalls downstairs with different types of cuisines and drinks and a casual rooftop bar above. We had excellent Indian food and local-ish beer.

And the food stalls on the street: duh. There was an overwhelming number to choose from near us, around the Chilpancingo metro stop and Avenida Insurgentes Sur.

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