Malaysia’s ‘other’ capital city

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As well as being terrific tourist attractions, those green spaces are hugely valuable habitats, according to conservation biologist Dr Sundari Ramakrishna from the Environmental Protection Society Malaysia.

“[Putrajaya is] an amazing place for wildlife to live and to breed,” she said. “There’s so many clean and quiet forests and lakes around Putrajaya and definitely that’s helped to create some amazing diversity in flora and fauna. Last time I visited the wetlands there I saw so many wetland birds, like herons, storks and egrets. Those wetlands are a beautiful artificial habitat that feels very natural, and the birds love it and can procreate safely there.”

Ramakrishna, who lives in Kuala Lumpur, says Putrajaya is tremendously lush, spacious and efficient compared to Malaysia’s more famous capital. “The air is so clean in Putrajaya, there’s so many big green areas to relax, and also a lot of interesting architecture there too,” she said. “It’s not a perfect city, it could always be better. But to make that city from nothing, just out of some old palm plantations, it’s pretty amazing. Hopefully more tourists come and see what Malaysia managed to achieve there. It’s something special.”

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