This Chat With Alex Morgan Will Have You Excited for the Next Generation of Soccer Stars

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And it’s fun just to have a crew to kick it with. She’s “enjoying the ride with my teammates,” she said and absorbing any advice and understanding they have to offer. “We all do have young children, ages 0 through 5,” Morgan said. “So it’s really fun seeing the different stages and kind of getting together and really enjoying life outside of soccer.” 

Plus, they’ve assembled, like, half a roster for the 2043 Women’s World Cup. 

Charlie is already learning from Mom’s expert example. Having attended so many games and post-match free for alls, “She realizes, ‘Oh, when it’s this big of a ball, I kick it,'” said Morgan, noting her daughter is also grasping that tiny golf balls require the use of her toddler-sized putter.

“If I explain to Charlie things, she just doesn’t get it,” Morgan acknowledged of the 15-month-old. But there’s no deny genetics. “When I do something and I show her,” she continued, “she picks it up so easily.”

As we were saying, Let’s f–king go. 

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