The 45 Best Fall Cocktails to Sip by a Bonfire This Autumn

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Prepare to cheers during this spirited season as you view breathtaking fall foliage and make your favorite easy fall dinner recipes! Seasonal coffee is great and all, but if you’re in the mood for aromatic alcoholic options, we’re at your service with some fun fall cocktail ideas that’ll be perfect for your next happy hour. Seriously — before you reach for a bottle of vino or beer, try your hand at one of these creative recipes.

Whether you’re planning a Halloween shindig, Thanksgiving dinner or pre-game party, you can make these scrumptious seasonal cocktails in a jiffy. Plus, the picks on our list put all of fall’s best flavors like apples, cloves and cinnamon in one place — your glass! You can try everything from hard apple ciders to spiced punches and everything in between (pumpkin pie sangria, anyone?). Who knows — maybe you’ll even be inspired to create your very own signature cocktail.

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