Kourtney Kardashian Calls Out Kim Kardashian Over This “Wild” College Memory

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Listen up, class! Because this Kardashian callout session is about to begin. 

On Aug. 18, Kim Kardashian threw it back to the days when Kourtney Kardashian was a student at the University of Arizona and posted a picture of the sisters attending a college party to Instagram. 

“College Years Baby!!!” she captioned the snapshot. “University of Arizona single handedly stopped me from turning into a wild party girl. I remember visiting Kourt on campus and being her designated driver. I hated all of the wild parties so much that I stayed home and never wanted to drink or party EVER…so thank you U of A. I was never a student there but u shaped my life more than you know.”

However, Kourtney remembered things a little differently. “I remember feeding you jungle juice and someone else driving I won’t name names and blasting Ruff Ryders,” she replied, “(maybe I was partying too hard to remember correctly, anyone else who was there wanna chime in?).”

Drawing an arrow to herself, she then added, “LOL wild party girl with a college degree.”

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