Ayesha Curry Reveals Her Major Turn-On About Husband Steph Curry

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Sure, Steph Curry is an MVP on the basketball court, but there’s another attribute that’s a slam dunk for his wife Ayesha Curry

In a clip from an upcoming episode of Shop TODAY with Jill Martin, shared exclusively with E! News, the Sweet July lifestyle brand founder got candid as she revealed what turns her on about her longtime husband. The topic arose as she reflected on her biggest silver lining from the coronavirus pandemic: time. 

“They say that’s something you can never get back and I genuinely feel like in the midst of all of the chaos and the sadness and the uncertainty, the underlying blessing is I feel like we got time back that we wouldn’t have had otherwise,” she explained to host Jill Martin. “He got to spend so much time with Canon and the girls and I got to see him be their teacher and I got to see him cook dinner on occasion.”

The Golden State Warriors point guard also took on “Saturday cleaning” duties, Ayesha noted. “It was really refreshing and nice,” she said overall, “and I think it helped strengthen us.”

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