20 Questions With Sarah Michelle Gellar

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1. What was your favorite class or subject?

I loved anything having to do with reading. I still do. So, definitely English.

2. Who was your favorite teacher?

I had so many inspiring teachers, but a few that stand out are Bob Mason, who taught math, Katherine Tassi, who taught high school English, and all the librarians.

3. Did you ever have an awkward phase and what did it look like?

We all have awkward phases both physically and emotionally. Growing up is tough. I am just thankful camera phones did not exist then.

4. If you had a nickname growing up, what was it & why?

We had four Sarahs I went by SMG a lot then and still do – also go by SMP.

5. What did you get in the most trouble for as a kid?

I was much more a rule follower but I did come home a few times past curfew.

6. If you had to enter a school talent show now, what would be your act?

Ha! I would host the talent show.

7. Your first kiss… who, where and when?

Ohhhhhh…… never kiss and tell

8. What’s something from your childhood that you wish would be brought back?

I think the question should be what style should not come back since I think it’s all coming back at the moment.  My daughter looks like me in the 90’s, complete with chokers – which never look good on anyone since it chops off your neck.

9. What’s a current invention you wish existed when you were a kid?

All the help with school and homework that is now available online – specifically with math formulas.

10. If this career didn’t happen, what would you have been?

I always wanted to be a photo journalist and travel around the world.

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