35 Healthy Fall Recipes for People Who Want Comfort Food Without the Calories

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One of the best things about fall is fresh seasonal produce! You’ll find that squash, kale, beets, pumpkin and other tasty options are abundant, and that there are plenty of delicious recipes to help you put them to good use. Since it’s getting cold out, you’re probably on the hunt for some soul-warming ideas — but not all easy fall dinner recipes are particularly healthy. That’s where these tasty combos come in!

The healthy fall recipes on our list are colorful, packed with nutrients and make the best of what fall has to offer. Plus, they’ll warm you right up! Get into a new meal-planning routine by including some healthy fall foods in your diet, or simply add a new weeknight dinner to your family’s rotation. Be sure to check out our best pumpkin and butternut squash recipes too!

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