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Step inside seven statement-making kitchens defined by their use of bold natural stone.

Natural stone has long been held as a versatile and timeless match for the kitchen. In this kitchen covet, we’re highlighting seven examples of kitchens that each share a brave approach to natural stone – monolithic in form or captivating in colour. As the hues of stone shift and change, so too do the identities of these kitchens, demonstrating just how pivotal their bold colour or veining is to a space. 

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Longwood Apartment by Studio Prineas

This Sydney apartment by Studio Prineas exhibits recurrent tones of cherry and red wine throughout its interior. The integration of this thematic palette in the bold veining kitchen stone lends a certain expressive grandeur while reflecting the client’s personality. 

Kitchen 2 by Dejaegher Interieur Architecten

Belgian architects Dejaegher Interieur Architecten employ two deeply contrasting yet cohesive materials in this modern kitchen. The striking green hues, set against the dark wood, evokes two of nature’s elements: ice and earth, two colours blending harmoniously to create a soothing organic palette.

est living dejaeger interieur architecten belgian kitchens 2
est living Toorak Residence Hecker Guthrie 03

Toorak Home Kitchen by Hecker Guthrie

The expansive use of natural stone in this Toorak kitchen by Hecker Guthrie is a spectacle within the home itself. The visually captivating, monolithic slabs reflect the home’s confidence in articulating a bold, Art Deco aesthetic; one that will continue to endure the passages of time. 

Budge over Dover Kitchen by YSG Studio

YSG Studio’s iconic Budge Over Dover project, spearheaded by YSG director Yasmine Ghoniem, won three prestigious design awards for its show-stopping use of colour and materials. The kitchen island is clad in inky marble, featuring streaks of copper and rose that tap into the unique layering of colour and texture throughout the home. 

est living ysg interview budge over dover 27
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Palladiana Party by Sally Caroline

Taking cues from the client’s adventurous nature, interior design studio Sally Caroline have dressed the inside of this Melbourne home in an array of sumptuous materials. Leading the charge is the deep green stone island and splashback in the newly renovated kitchen. This electrifying Verde Alpi marble has an alluring depth that saw it also used in the home’s defining custom Palladiana floors.

Dickens Manor by Doherty Design Studio

As its name suggests, Dickens Manor by Doherty Design Studio embodies the charm and scale of a classic 1920s manor house. As such, it seems very fitting that the kitchen would feature white marble; a trademark of that decade. Similar to Hecker Guthrie’s Toorak home kitchen, the marble yields a sense of refinement and clarity.

est living doherty design studio dickens manor 5
est living akin atelier wunulla residence 01

Wunulla Residence Kitchen By Akin Atelier

Two-toned kitchens, like the one in Akin Atelier’s Wunulla residence, are quintessences of minimal design. The two colours that Akin Atelier selected for this waterfront home – a snowy white and a subdued pink – are articulated in the hero of the kitchen space: the natural stone island bench.

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est living Pilbarra Residence Jo Carmichael Interiors 05

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