30+ Best Kids’ Dinner Ideas for When Your Picky Eater Just Won’t Try Anything

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There’s only one thing harder than coming up with easy dinner ideas: coming up with easy dinner ideas for kids. Whether you’ve got a household of picky eaters, discriminating diners (is that … a vegetable?), or a Brady Bunch of bottomless pits, serving a single healthy meal that satisfies the whole family means you’ll need to get creative.

So we compiled dozens of easy kid- (and adult!) friendly dinner recipes to provide some inspo for the next meal you’ll share with your little ones. From quick, healthy dinner solutions to comforting and kid-approved classics, these fast family meals will delight anyone — both over and under the age of nine.

The best part about kid-approved cooking is that kids tend to prefer more straightforward meals with few ingredients — which means less work (and dishes!) for you. Better yet, ditch the utensils altogether and host a family-friendly taco night. Kids’ dinners can also be a little more fun (and a lot cheesier) than the dinner party mainstays you might serve to a room of adults. Plus, they don’t demand anything too fancy, so if you only have time to throw a bunch of ingredients into the Instant Pot and call it a night, you can still serve up something totally delicious and crowd-pleasing. Plus, plenty of these recipes are simple enough to let your kids cook along with you (calling all mini-chefs in the making!).

And if you’re truly at a loss of what to serve your family tonight, a classic stir fry is endlessly adaptable according to picky eaters’ tastes or what you have in the house. These easy dinner ideas for the whole family prove that cooking for rambunctious roomies doesn’t have to be bland or boring. Bring on the flavor!

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