Meet the New iCarly, a Grown-Up Show Made For the OG Fans

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Freddie’s stepdaughter, Millicent, is played by Jaidyn Triplett. Millicent is a budding influencer on her own, and both she and Triplett have some opinions about Carly’s internet antics. Triplett only watched the original show just before her audition, and noticed that technology has “evolved,” as she puts it. Freddie used to carry around a big camcorder, and now all you need is a phone. 

The other newcomer is Harper, played by Laci Mosley. She’s Carly’s best friend and a blossoming stylist and designer, and for her, the new iCarly speaks specifically to one generation.

“We’re all millennials, for the most part, so we’re dealing with the same thing, you know, student loans, and how we came out and we were like, ‘Jobs where?’ Dating, we’re getting married later. You’re seeing us navigate that situation,” Mosley says. “My character’s bi, so you get to see a little bit of the LGBTQ experience. My character’s obviously also Black, so there’s things that are different with that as well. It’s just a bigger perspective in the reboot than in the original…but also it still keeps the camp and the heart of the show.” 

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