Lowry’s Rare Rugby Painting is More Poignant Than Ever

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In a time when the passion of the crowd has been so sadly missing at sporting events, the pre-match sense of energy and excitement in L.S. Lowry’s ‘Going to the Match’ is more palpable than ever. Painted in 1928, this is one of Lowry’s earliest depictions of crowds thronging to a sporting occasion. That it was a Rugby League match he chose to paint first shows just how deeply entrenched the sport was in the social and cultural fabric of northern England. Having remained in the same family collection since 1972, ‘Going to the Match’ will be a highlight of our inaugural British Art Evening Sale: Modern & Contemporary (29 June | London). Join us for the livestream of the auction from 2pm BST. SUBSCRIBE:… FOR MORE NEWS FROM SOTHEBY’S

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