Billie Eilish Avoids Wardrobe Malfunction in Sassy Behind-the-Scenes Moment From “Lost Cause” Music Video

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Billie Eilish is showing her followers what it’s like to dance and sing while wearing nothing but silk pajamas, and it doesn’t look easy.

In new behind-the-scenes footage from her “Lost Cause” music video, the 19-year-old artist shows how she and her backup dancers had to go from kneeling on the floor to standing to jumping around, all while keeping your top securely in place. Sure, it sounds easy, but doing it with composure and grace is definitely not. 

As Billie stood up in the video, a caption reads, “t-tties was falling out.”

Indeed, Billie’s chest was at risk of exposure as she and her backup group were twerking and moving with the music, but the teen smartly used a few emojis to cover up. It also helped that she had an oversized brown puffer jacket to pull on during the riskier moves. 

Of course, none of this was included in the actual music video, where she and friends dance to the song in loungewear as they have the ultimate sleepover.

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