Sotheby’s Teams up with Accidentally Wes Anderson to Celebrate Luxury Week

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Handbags, jewels, watches, wine, sneakers and more – Sotheby’s Luxury Week is here again. Joining us to celebrate the New York auction series is Wally Koval, founder and creative force behind Accidentally Wes Anderson (AWA) (@accidentallywesanderson). On Instagram and in print (Accidentally Wes Anderson, the book, published in October 2020 with a forward from the director himself), Koval and the AWA team discover the architecture and design reminiscent of the American director’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic. For Luxury Week, Koval embarked on a campaign called Hidden Wonders, in which he delves into the artists, ingenuity and histories behind an array of fantastic luxury items on offer from Sotheby’s. In this episode of Frank’s Files, join Frank as he explores the AWS x Sotheby’s campaign.

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