Searching Coin Roll Pays Off for Texas Collector – Exciting Lincoln Cent Error Coins in June Auction

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A lucky Texas coin collector recently hit the jackpot! 

While searching through a bank roll of 1969-s Lincoln Cents in an old family collection, the collector made an incredible find. One of the coins in the roll turned out to be a coveted 1969-s Doubled Die Obverse (DDO) cent – one of the most sought-after modern errors in numismatics. The coin was submitted to PCGS for authentication and graded MS64 Red, an elusive grade for this error. PCGS has certified only a small number of 1969-s DDO cents in full red condition.

error cent

Heritage Auctions will offer this newly discovered example as a Featured Coin in its June 16-20, 2021 U.S. Coins Signature Auction. The coin is sure to ignite widespread interest among error specialists and collectors of major rarities.  As Heritage previously noted in a 2020 auction, “all other Lincoln Cent varieties pale in comparison to the 1969-s Doubled Die Obverse” and this coin “is far, far rarer than the 1955 Doubled Die and the 1960 Small Date cents.” The lot description states:

“This spectacular Choice specimen exhibits sharply detailed design elements throughout, with the characteristic obverse doubling especially evident on all the letters and numbers. The well-preserved original red surfaces are lustrous and appealing, despite a few small amber carbon spots on both sides. A Condition Census example of this sought-after Lincoln cent variety, we expect intense competition from series specialists when this lot is called. The 1969-S Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln cent was the number 1 coin listed in the 2011 edition of the 100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins.”  

Preview this rare penny

In 2008, Heritage sold another PCGS MS64 Red example for a record auction price of $126,500.  Coincidentally, the world record auction coin that Heritage sold in 2008 was also found in a roll. The recently uncovered error in Heritage’s June 2021 Signature Auction is sure to spark substantial interest, offering the opportunity to acquire a remarkable rarity. 

Heritage’s June 2021 Signature Auction will also include additional significant error coins from the Lincoln Cent series.  Collectors will find available a 1944 Lincoln Cent that was mistakenly struck on a steel planchet, instead of the regular “shell casing” planchets that were intended to be used for cents in 1944.  As numismatists know, 1944 Steel Cent errors are seldom available, especially in the high PCGS MS64 grade that will be offered in this auction

error penny

In addition, Heritage will offer a 2001-d Lincoln Cent error that is muled with the die for a dime, graded MS66 Red by PCGS.  This is a scarce, high-grade error with major appeal for collectors, as the coin bears the unusual combination of the Lincoln Cent obverse, with a reverse image from a Roosevelt Dime planchet.

error cent

In the same auction, collectors will discover a trio of the ever-popular 1955 Doubled Die Obverse cents, another well-recognized and important error in the series. The offered examples include coins certified by PCGS as AU55, MS63 Brown, and MS64 Red and Brown.

Further, the auction will showcase a 1970-s Lincoln Cent with a Doubled Die Obverse, certified as MS64 Red by PCGS, CAC endorsed. While the certified population totals for this error have increased slightly over time, full red examples remain rare, providing another excellent opportunity for error enthusiasts in the June Signature Auction.

AUCTION PREVIEW: 2021 June 16 – 20 Long Beach Expo US Coins Signature Auction #1331

How to get started collecting error coins

Bidding at auction is a great way to collect error coins. Heritage Auctions regularly offers error coins in its many U.S. coin auctions.  In addition, Heritage will have a special monthly auction dedicated entirely to error coins on July 15, 2021. 

AUCTION PREVIEW: 2021 June 15 Error Coins

Where to Sell Rare Error Coins at Auction

If you have any rare certified error coins to sell, Heritage Auctions can help you to achieve the best possible results by offering your coins on the most popular numismatic website on the Internet. Contact us at to discuss further!

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Posted by Cass Christenson

Cass Christenson is a Consignment Director in Heritage’s U.S. Coin Department, where he assists clients with their collections and in placing consignments in Heritage’s many auctions. As an avid collector, Cass appreciates the history and artistic beauty associated with U.S. coinage, particularly early copper, type coins, silver dollars, and California fractional gold. Growing up in Indiana, after discovering his father’s coin albums as a young boy, he immersed himself in Coin World articles, dealer catalogs, and other numismatic literature. During high school, Cass worked at a local coin store buying and selling coins, while also trading at regional and national coin shows. Prior to joining Heritage, Cass was a trial attorney in Washington, D.C. , litigating cases nationwide. He attended Vanderbilt Law School (’94) and the University of Tampa (’91), and is married with two children.

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