Dan Levy Hilariously Responds to Schitt’s Creek Fan Who Falsely Mourned His Dad Eugene’s Death

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One Schitt’s Creek fan is feeling “so embarrassed” after falsely tweeting that beloved actor Eugene Levywho plays Rose family patriarch Johnny—had passed away. 

The viewer wrote, “Eugene Levy was such a gift. It’s so sad to watch knowing he is no longer here.” 

Twitter users immediately reacted to the post, with one joking, “@danjlevy You may want to sit down for this.”

Eugene’s son and co-star, Dan Levy, swiftly set the record straight about the fake claims, writing, “News to me.” 

The social media user deleted the original tweet and apologized directly to Dan for the faux pas. “@danjlevy I’m sooo sorry! I thought he had passed last year,” the fan wrote. “Everything has been such a blur the last year. I’m happy to know he’s fine. I’m so embarrassed.” 

A second tweet continued, “Sorry all I seriously thought he had passed. I’m glad I am wrong. I was sitting here watching the show super sad.” Dan has yet to respond to her apology note.

One Twitter user guessed that the incorrect tweet probably gave Dan a “Minor heart attack,” prompting the original poster to say, “I feel horrible” about the “honest mistake.” 

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