Lena Headey Working on ‘Scary Stories for Young Foxes’ TV Series

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Lena Headey Working on 'Scary Stories for Young Foxes' TV Series

The former ‘Games of Thrones’ actress is adapting the popular 2019 children’s book by Christian McKay Heidicker into an animated television mini-series.

Actress Lena Headey is tackling the horror genre with an animated adaptation of popular 2019 children’s book “Scary Stories for Young Foxes“.

The “Game of Thrones” star will lend her voice to the planned miniseries, based on the coming-of-age story by Christian McKay Heidicker, which she will co-executive produce for her Peephole Productions firm.

Heidicker will also serve as a producer on the project, which is being developed with officials at Boat Rocker Studios.

“During our first meeting at Boat Rocker I was asked what I was interested in and we started talking about horror for kids, how there is a space for this, and not to shy away from putting stuff out there that’s dark and smart,” Headey shared in a statement issued to Deadline.

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“Kids aren’t daft, they know when we’re holding back the scary bits, so I’m so happy to be part of a great team to bring Christian’s book to life in a way that feels authentic.”

Added the author, “I’m beyond thrilled at the prospect of (characters) Mia and Uly romping onto TV screens to chill a wider audience with the importance of scary stories.”

“I was worried that my book would be declawed – the scariest bits removed for sensitive viewers – but I’m convinced that Boat Rocker Studios and the gravitational Ms. Headey will elevate this project to a place of spooky sophistication.”

“Scary Stories for Young Foxes” features intertwining horror tales told to the young lead characters by an older fox.

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