Fans Defend Kylie Jenner as She’s Accused of Stealing Heather Sanders’ Aesthetic

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Fans Defend Kylie Jenner as She's Accused of Stealing Heather Sanders' Aesthetic

Attaching a picture of the ‘KUWTK’ star rocking blue hair, one person tweets, ‘Like many other things that family does, she stole that whole era from a Black woman.’

Kylie Jenner and Instagram personality Heather Sanders are close friends, so close to the point that people think they have similar aesthetic on social media. The discussion was then brought on Twitter with many fans accusing the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” of stealing Heather’s whole aesthetic.

Attaching a picture of Kylie rocking blue hair, one person tweeted, “Like many other things that family does, she stole that whole era from a Black woman.” The person continued, “I just Heather to get her flowers for inspiring that rebrand.”

Some people, however, jumped to Kylie’s defense, questioning, “How do you steal blue tips….” To the question, someone else replied, “The same way she stole Jordan’s whole personality,” seemingly referring to Jordyn Woods.

Another fan added, “It’s just a hair color relax.” In response to that, one user argued, “Idc if it’s ‘just hair’ THE point is when black women are creative with their looks, it’s called ghetto and ratchet and when a white girl does it then it’s ‘trendy’. Same with clothing, nails and accessories. Hoops were what? Ghetto. Long nails were what?? GHETTO. Box braids? Ghetto.”

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The user continued, “And now it’s all trendy and fun and cute! Y’all gave black women complexes for years, just to praise the same looks on white women after. That’s the issue.”

The differing views went on as someone wrote, “It’s definitely a reach lmao.” Another person said, “Y’all hate that family too much. It’s weird. She didn’t steal anything.” Echoing the sentiment, a user questioned, “How do people just wake up and attack Kylie. Or anyone for that matter.”

“Nobody owns an aesthetic but whatever,” someone reminded other. Meanwhile, one person blamed Kylie’s ex-boyfriend Tyga, writing, “Tyga def responsible for it.”

Kylie has yet to comment on the allegations.

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