Gwyneth Paltrow and Courtney Love’s Psychiatrist Gets His Medical License Revoked

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Courtney Love's Psychiatrist Gets His Medical License Revoked
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Isaac ‘Ike’ Herschkopf, who reportedly treated the ‘Shakespeare in Love’ actress and the ‘Pretty on the Inside’ hitmaker, has had his medical license revoked for allegedly preying on wealthy patients.

A shrink who reportedly treated Gwyneth Paltrow and Courtney Love can now say good bye to his medical license. Psychotherapist Isaac “Ike” Herschkop has gotten his medical license revoked by the state Department of Health for allegedly preying on wealthy patients.

Isaac’s medical license was yanked sometime in mid-April, Page Six reported. The revoke was reportedly finalized after a two-year investigation, and the Murray Hill doctor was found guilty. He was charged with several accusations including professional misconduct, including negligence, moral unfitness, fraudulent practice and exercising undue influence.

Isaac became the center of “The Shrink Next Door” podcast in 2019. It exposed the psychiatrist’s pursuit of his clients’ fortunes. He reportedly used his influence to gain control of one patient’s account and hijack his Hamptons home. The podcast went on to reveal that Isaac even manipulated one patient to include his family into the patient’s will.

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Marty Markowitz, a former patient of three decades, testified during the hearing. “It’s an unbelievable feeling, I’m happy and relieved,” the millionaire CEO of a fabric company told the Post. “It’s justice for me, what he did to me was unconscionable. Now he’s going to pay the price, to be humiliated by losing his medical license. Now he’s going to be stopped.”

Journalist Joe Nocera, who helmed the podcast added, “Undue influence is what this case was really about: People came under his spell and did things for his benefit, not for theirs.”

Back in 2019, Marty told The Post how the psychiatrist had controlled his life. “I felt like I was in a cult,” he said. “He took over my life very quickly . . . It was one ethical violation after another. He had me write, and notarize, a letter to my sister, saying ‘Never call me again.’ ” Marty added that Isaac handed him scissors with instructions to cut his sister out of family photos.

The Shrink Next Door” is being adapted into an Apple TV and limited series with the same name which is star by Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell.

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