Nicole Kidman Turns Into Keith Urban’s Pedicurist at Home

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Nicole Kidman Turns Into Keith Urban's Pedicurist at Home

Though admitting that her country crooner husband is a ‘pretty low-maintenance guy,’ the ‘Big Little Lies’ claims to have taken on the role of her family’s beautician to pamper him and their daughters.

Nicole Kidman has been helping her husband Keith Urban keep his feet in tip-top condition by treating the singer and their daughters to at-home pedicures.

The “Big Little Lies” star takes on the role of beautician every now and then to fully pamper Urban and their girls, Faith, 10, and Sunday, 12, although she admits the “Blue Ain’t Your Color” hitmaker is a “pretty low-maintenance guy.”

“I’ll treat my whole family to a spa day and massage their feet and give them pedicures,” Kidman told InStyle magazine, explaining she uses Seratopical’s Heel Souffle as a healing balm.

It’s a product the Oscar winner, who serves as a brand ambassador for the company, has come to rely on for her own self-care, revealing she slathers her own feet with the cream at the end of each night. “Then I put my little bed socks on and wake up with the softest feet. I am so glamorous!” she laughed.

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The quick beauty routine is something Kidman has made sure to maintain throughout the COVID shutdown, because her own mother “always smells good and looks good.”

“I try to make myself presentable in the morning,” she shared. “It’s so easy not to even bother in quarantine, and I’ve been through periods like that before.”

When asked if she has a favorite movie character from a beauty perspective, the 53-year-old actress was quick to mention, “Well, I’ll never forget Satine [in Moulin Rouge!].” She elaborated, “I mean, you can’t beat sitting on a trapeze with 100 men in top hats below you, right? Envision it!”

“I have a photo of me in the trailer with my kids, who were little at the time,” she went on to add. “I was wearing a top hat, a sequin corset, fishnets, and stilettos, and I was making dinner for them. It’s like, ‘I don’t mind being remembered like this!’ ”

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