Jake Paul Denies TikTok Star Justine Paradise’s Sexual Assault Allegations

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Following the alleged incident, Paradise said he was “cold” towards her, describing how “up until this point, he had been nice to me.” She said his behavior made a “complete 180” and there was “no contact” on Paul’s part.

“I wanted to talk to him about how that made me feel, because somewhere in my brain I was thinking, ‘What if he didn’t do this to me on purpose? What if he didn’t know how this made me feel?'” she explained. “I just wanted talk to him and tell him, ‘Hey, I didn’t consent for this. It made me feel so awful.'”

Paradise further claimed, “But I couldn’t tell him, because he never responded.”

In addition, Paradise said she never publicly discussed the allegations because when she first visited the Team 10 house she signed a non-disclosure agreement. She said, “I thought if you sign an NDA, you’re signing away your rights to talk about anything basically.”

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