The Rough House by Niels Maier

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Inspired by the original home’s artisanal and crafted elements, The Rough House is an expression of the maker and the process of making, celebrated through the raw and rustic. Niels Maier approaches the recent revitalisation from a place of historical sensitivity anchored in considered minimalism and conjures a home that beautifully captures its past.

A heritage-listed home, The Rough House is true to its namesake and is untethered in its resolve, rejecting a contemporary smoothness, and sitting comfortably in its rural locale. Nestled into the countryside in the south of the Netherlands in Limburg, the house sees a bringing together of its well-storied past, with a relevant and considered present. The interior interventions focus on the experience of the space and the creation of an honest and inviting series of spaces that intertwine with the existing exterior and beautiful patina shown on the timber structural elements.

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Niels Maier shines a light on the artisan, expressing techniques in both the selection of materials and their composition to create a home that feels deliberate and considered, and crafted by hand. Warmth and texture are key drivers for each of the spaces, layering in ceramic, metal, timber and plaster elements that all have their own unique sense of movement and tactility, further animating the home.

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To have endured the time and many custodians in its life, The Rough House is founded on resilience above all else and its robustness is testament to its survival. The new insertions align and bring a strength that aids in extending the narrative of the home, responding to the context it sits amongst.

Niels Maier has crafted a new lease to this historic beauty, allowing its owners to experience time in place, in the process.

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