The New Secret to a (No-Makeup) Glow

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Apple Martin

16, student

“I wake up and check my texts, Instagram, TikTok—just catch up with everything,” says Martin, who’s spent the past year, like most of America’s teenagers, in Zoom high school classes. “I brush my teeth, and after a night of sleep, my hair’s a little crazy, so I put it up.”

Martin’s skin-care routine is simple: cleanser, Glow Lotion, and sunscreen. “Since I have very dry skin, the Glow Lotion is so nice—it keeps me hydrated but not oily. It’s super lightweight,” she says. “It gives me a little…I don’t know—it feels like silk going on your skin.” If she’s dressing up, which has been rare during the last year but still happens, Martin adds little touches of makeup. “Glow Lotion is great underneath,” she says. “I love a ’90s vibe with makeup. But most often, besides a quick swipe of lip balm, the Glow Lotion and mineral sunscreen are all I need.”

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