Sophia Bush Announces Partnership to Expand the Reach of Her Podcast Show

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Sophia Bush Announces Partnership to Expand the Reach of Her Podcast Show

The ‘One Tree Hill’ star is taking her long-running audio series ‘Work In Progress’ to top podcast platform Wondery as she continues to interview influencers and change makers.

Actress and activist Sophia Bush has partnered with bosses at top podcast platform Wondery to expand the reach of her long-running audio series.

The “One Tree Hill” star has been podcasting since long before the COVID pandemic kicked in last year (20) and the audio broadcasting medium exploded.

Now, Sophia is taking her hit show, “Work In Progress“, to Wondery, where she will continue her interviews with change makers, influencers and politicians.

Previous guests have included Hillary Clinton, Natalie Portman, designer Diane von Furstenberg, and Spanish chef Jose Andres.

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It’s not Sophia’s only media news this week (ends26Mar21) – she was also named the co-founder of and advisor for new company Fashionkind, and plans to work to reduce the environmental impact of garment design, manufacture, and sales.

Writing on Instagram, Bush shares that she and her new partner Nina Farran “will work to do all we can to help change fashion from within and bring real change to the industry at large…”

“This is a huge endeavor – a moonshot if you will – and we hope you’ll be part of the journey as we grow, and strive to create a more beautiful and more equitable world,” she said.

In another post, the actress added, “I wanted to see how we might go about creating industry-wide change. For so long, that kind of change felt more like a dream than a reality that I might be able to contribute to. So you can imagine how incredibly excited I was to have the opportunity to work on changing that from within!”

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