Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Shares Painful Details About Husband’s Injury After Accident

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It’s been a week Ree Drummond won’t soon forget.

On Wednesday, March 10, the Food Network star received a call from a family member that nobody wants to hear. As it turns out, her husband Ladd Drummond and nephew Caleb Drummond were involved in an accident on the family’s ranch. 

According to authorities, the pair was driving in separate fire vehicles when their trucks collided because of high winds across grass and gravel.

In a new blog post titled “Home Sweet Home (and So Grateful),” Ree opened up about the accident and the fear she experienced after learning two of her family members were injured

“Ladd was stiff but able to walk around immediately after the accident, so he refused medical attention. This was partly because he wanted the paramedics to focus on Caleb, partly because he was still a little stunned by the accident, and partly because cowboys don’t like to admit when they’re hurt,” she wrote in a post. “After Caleb’s ambulance left, Ladd drove himself to the hospital in Pawhuska, thinking he’d just quietly get checked out. He called me on his way and tried to explain what happened, at which time I promptly lost all feeling in my knees before running out the door and heading to town.”

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