Rachel Lindsay Criticizes Franchise for Moving Forward With ‘Bachelorette’ Production Amid Scandal

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Rachel Lindsay Criticizes Franchise for Moving Forward With 'Bachelorette' Production Amid Scandal

The former ‘The Bachelorette’ star also addresses Taylor Nolan’s resurfaced racist tweets in which she insulted minority groups such as Jews, Asian Americans and Indians.

Rachel Lindsay thinks it’s to soon for “The Bachelor” franchise to move forward amid racism scandal involving host Chris Harrison and current contestant of Matt James‘ “The Bachelor” season Rachael Kirkconnell. In a new episode of her podcast, Lindsay suggested that the franchise needs to resolve the issue before going into a production for new season of “The Bachelorette“.

“They’re about to go into production for ‘The Bachelorette’,” Lindsay, who recently deactivated her Instagram account due to online harassment, said in the Tuesday, March 2 episode of “Higher Learning”. “I think they should just stop until … they get the train back on the tracks.”

The former “The Bachelorette” star went on to say, “You’re going to go another season, but you still have all of these issues. How have you fixed them coming into a new season? You really haven’t. I think that they need to take a beat, figure things out, regroup and then bring the product back to us in a way that we can all enjoy it like we used to.”

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During the episode, Lindsay also addressed Taylor Nolan‘s resurfaced racist tweets. The posts saw Nolan insulting minority groups such as Jews, Asian Americans and Indians in addition to using several homophobic and fat phobic slurs.

“I think people are very upset and shocked and disappointed. I’ll throw myself in there,” said Lindsay. Of Nolan, who starred in Nick Viall‘s “The Bachelor” season alongside Lindsay, the latter added, “She’s been very vocal, she’s been very definitive in what she believes and then to see something that is so opposite of that – it’s shocking. At first, I was like, ‘Is this real?’ ”

“I have the same energy with Taylor that I have with anybody who does something that’s wrong,” she went on to say. “I said the same thing with Chris Harrison even though that message seems to be getting lost,” she said. “I said the same thing with Rachael [Kirkconnell]. You’re never going to hear me say, ‘Cancel this person. This person is done. I’m done with them’ What you’ll hear my say is, ‘We have to hold this person accountable.’ ”

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