30 Easy and Delicious Easter Pies That Your Party Guests Will Love

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You know the old saying, “as American as apple pie?” Well, we agree that a piping-hot plate of apple pie certainly lives up to the hype — but there are also so many more flavors of this traditional treat to enjoy. What about a mini lemon meringue pie? Or a slice of cranberry and pear pie? Or even a bite of creamy orange-buttermilk pie? When you think about it, pies are one of the most versatile desserts out there — so you’re bound to find something on this list that your whole crowd will enjoy this Easter.

With all of these chocolatey, fruity, and even gluten-free options, your guests definitely won’t be looking for any other treats. But just in case, you can always whip up some Easter-themed cookies, cakes, or some of these other desserts for the perfect ending to your Easter party. Just don’t expect leftovers, because they’ll go quickly. Here are our favorite Easter pie recipes for your most delicious holiday yet.

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