Does Snooki Miss Jersey Shore? Hear Her Answer

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JWoww and Deena are still dealing with the fallout from the speech on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and to make matters worse, the latter was recently caught on camera with Mike discussing everything—including texts from JWoww that weren’t meant to be public. 

How, after so many years of filming, did both reality TV stars not realize the cameras were rolling? Snooki made sure to give E! News her take. 

“Usually, when we’re away on vacation, you have, like, our ‘set,’ which is where everyone is,” she explained. “And then they were in the hallway, probably waiting to do interviews or confessionals, so they didn’t realize that there was a camera on the wall…the way we shoot it, it’s 24/7. So by the time you wake up—even if there’s no physical camera guy in your room—they’re getting you on the cameras in the ceiling.”

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