Mike and Brenda’s Ohio Garden

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This is the two-acre garden of Mike and Brenda Snider in central Ohio.

As we head toward our second spring of the pandemic, we are reviewing pictures of the past year and would like to share some with other gardeners. The bone structure of the garden was planted 40 years ago; however, we have become rather intense gardeners in the past 10 years. We have pictures of new garden areas as well as established gardens.

red and white tulipsTwo spruce trees were removed, making space for new plantings. The spring of 2020 was the first year of the revised garden with tulips we purchased when touring the Keukenhof Tulip Garden in Amsterdam.

pink peonyLater in the spring we have the peony (Paeonia hybrid, Zones 3–8) from a family farm and a few remaining irises along the flower bed by the yard barn.

The Gand Champion roseIn late June, this ‘The Grand Champion’ rose starts blooming. This plant is only one year old, and it continued to perform like this all summer.

vegetable garden in JulyThis is the revised vegetable garden in July. Changing this from a traditional garden to raised beds was a big project at the start of the pandemic in March 2020. The scarecrow was made by our two grandsons.

pink magic liliesIn August there are hibiscus (Hibiscus hybrid, Zones 5–9), magic lilies (Lycoris squamigera, Zones 5–9), and white phloxes (Phlox paniculata, Zones 4–8) with the barn, white fence, and evergreens as the backdrop.

formal garden patioA view of the formal patio in August.

autumn joy sedum borderThis is a view of a border bed between our yard and the grain field. There are Autumn Joy sedum (Hylotelephium spectabile ‘Herbstfreude’, Zones 3–9) that line the front of the bed, with a surprise of magic lilies in August.

large pedestal planterThe large pedestal planter in the circle of the formal patio in late September.

row of trees covered in snowWe end the year with pictures of December.

pine trees covered in snow

More snowy winter December beauty.

Now we are busy planning our garden for our second spring of the pandemic and look forward to more rewarding enhancements in the garden.

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