Paris Hilton Proves Boyfriend Carter Reum Is Her Muse In New “Heartbeat” Music Video

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Paris Hilton‘s new man is also her muse. 

The entrepreneur, DJ, socialite and actress just released the music video for her new song “Heartbeat,” and it’s basically a love letter to her boyfriend, Carter Reum

The video features Paris in many glamorous settings. At one point, she’s spritzing perfume at a luxe vanity and posing for photoshoots in high-end couture. Then, we see her sitting naked, covered in glitter, while singing in front of a jungle full of disco balls.

The House of Wax star, however, isn’t the only person in the video: Carter makes a special cameo. In one scene, he greets his girlfriend at her photoshoot, and it’s clear that her mood totally lifts when she sees him.

It makes sense why Paris would want her real-life boyfriend to appear in this video. For one, the lyrics of “Heartbeat” couldn’t be more romantic.

The song opens with, “I was lonely only I didn’t know it / I was so sad only I didn’t show it / You came like the sun breaking through the clouds / And I found you’re what I can’t live without.”

In fact, the chorus hints that Carter completes Paris, with the lyrics “I hear the other half of my heartbeat, that’s all I need.”

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