‘Bachelor’ Recap: Two Villains Are Eliminated After Matt James’ Confrontation

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'Bachelor' Recap: Two Villains Are Eliminated After Matt James' Confrontation

Meanwhile, Matt reveals that he’s in love with one of the ladies in a fairytale-like one-on-one date in the new episode of the ABC dating competition show.

A new episode of “The Bachelor” season 25 arrived on Monday, February 1. It kicked off with Victoria having a breakdown as she felt like she was “two steps away from going home.” Later, she was seen talking bad about the new women on a walk with Kit, while Brittany shared in confessionals that she was hurt by the escort rumors that were spread by Anna.

In the cocktail party time, Matt James prepared a big speech about bullying among the ladies. “Before we get into tonight, I wanted to address something that was brought to my attention… about the environment in the house, how toxic it is, that there’s a mob mentality… really a culture of bullying,” Matt said, before mentioning the rumors that could “potentially ruin someone’s life.”

“I don’t get enough time with you all, and now this… there’s a lot of answers to questions that I need tonight. So Brittany, can we talk?” Matt asked. “Anna had came up to me to apologize, and she was like, when you first came here… we were telling everyone you were an escort. I was completely caught off guard. That’s not true,” Brittany shared. “It hurts a lot. It really hurts.”

Meanwhile, Anna admitted that the rumors were on her, noting that she was “so sad and upset” with herself. “That’s the first thing you should know. Before even coming here, I received messages about another girl who would also be here, Brittany, and then when she did show up, the worst thing I could say was said,” she told Matt. “And immediately I felt horrible about it, and I was like, ‘This is on me. This is me being a shallow person in the worst moment ever.’ ”

In response to that, Matt told Anna that he believed that Anna wasn’t “a horrible person.” Despite that, Matt added, “I’ve had to take responsibility for my words and my actions, and I’ve grown from it. But I have a responsibility to the women that are here, to Brittany, to myself, to follow my heart. And unfortunately, I can’t see you being a part of that journey anymore.” With that, Anna was sent home.

During a one-on-one moment with Matt, Ryan opened up to him about being called a “ho” by Victoria just because she’s a dancer. “The word ho is just… it’s really hard to hear someone say that about you when it’s just not true,” she cried. Victoria then approached Ryan after her talk with Matt. “I’m always playful. I’m not malicious,” Victoria said before calling Ryan “fake.”

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It didn’t take long before Matt confronted Victoria. “I had this conversation with Ryan, and before I could even ask her a question, she’s crying. And I’m just like… it was kind of similar to how my conversation with Brittany went about Anna. People’s words are so powerful, and when you said that Ryan was a ho for being a dancer,” Matt said, to which Victoria claimed that it was “completely taken out of context!” Matt wasn’t having it as he asked, “Like, I’m just curious, what context would calling someone a ho be acceptable to be taken in?” The question was met with Victoria’s silence.

It’s finally time for the rose ceremony and Brittany got the first rose. Rachel and some other ladies got the rose with Serena C. getting the last rose, meaning that Victoria was eliminated. She told Matt, “I honestly feel so sorry for you that you would listen to hearsay and not all of the facts behind a situation. So, goodbye.”

The next day, Matt had a one-on-one fairytale date with Rachael. “You’re pulling me in!” Matt said with a smile. “I like everything about you, even things you may be ultra aware of, I find those things attractive, and I love them about you. When I’m around you, you don’t even have to try to get my attention,” Matt told her. Later, Matt said that he was in love with her. “And it is scary to say, but when I’m with you, it just feels right. With that being said, Rachael, would you accept this rose?” he asked.

Later during a group date, MJ was complaining about being portrayed as a villain. As Matt had the group date rose to Abigail, MJ was determined to set the record straight.

The next one-on-one date was between Matt and Kit and they bonded well. Kit and Matt even made out while making cookies and he gave Kit the rose.

Jessenia and MJ were then invited to a two-on-one date with Matt and the two argued as soon as they met. Before the episode ended, viewers were teased about the arrival of Tyler Cameron.

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