Below Deck’s Rachel Bashes James in Very Tense Preview: “He’s a F–king Idiot”

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If drunk words are indeed sober thoughts, then Below Deck‘s newest boatmance won’t be getting Chef Rachel Hargrove‘s stamp of approval any time soon.

The Bravo star unloads on Elizabeth Frankini in this exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s all-new episode, telling the stew that her current hookup partner, James Hough, isn’t worthy of her time. And to make matters worse, Rachel is doing this while out to dinner with the entire crew—including James, who can hear everything she’s saying.

“I’m so mad at you. I’m mad at you,” Rachel tells Elizabeth. “Why the f–k would you go f–k that dude?”

“He’s a f–king idiot,” she adds, refusing to mince her slightly slurred words. “I’m f–king pissed.”

Elizabeth, confused, doesn’t really react. “You don’t like James?” she responds. “I like him a lot. Give it a chance.”

But before Rachel can say anything, a fed-up James jumps into the conversation: “Can you do me a favor and not talk about me?”

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