Keira Knightley Recalls Being Forced Off the Road By Paparazzi

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Sometimes it’s dangerous being a celebrity, just ask Keira Knightley.

In an interview with Chanel’s new culture podcast Chanel Connects, which premiered this week, the Pirates of the Caribbean star described a past incident when paparazzi dangerously attempted to get pictures of her by forcing a car crash. 

“It is brutal for young women within this industry,” the Oscar nominee shared. “Being followed around 24/7 by packs of up to 30 men with their lenses, through my windows and being called a whore every time I left the house in order to invoke a reaction because the pictures were worth more if I was crying. Or being forced off the road, because they suddenly found that, there was a lot of money to be made out of car crashes. So, you’d have guys with cameras trying to force your car off the road.”

Looking back on the earlier years of her career, 35-year-old Keira—who shares two kids with husband James Righton—said that time in her life was “brutal” and she’s “incredible proud” to have survived it.

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